Dr. Tamara Rial

Dr. Tamara Rial
Dr. Rial is a Professor of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation in the Master´s Degree at Universitary Foundation of Bages (Barcelona, Spain). She is the Creator and Co-founder of Low Pressure Fitness which is based on hypopressive, myofascial and neurodynamic techniques.
She has two Degrees, one in Physical Activity and Sports and other in Physical Education (University of Vigo, Spain). She also has a Master´s degree in Exercise Science and a PhD with International Distinction from the University of Vigo (Spain).
One of his primary lines of research has been directed toward the hypopressive exercise and pelvic flour fitness.

Dr. Rial participate at the V International Symposium of Strength Training with the presentation entitled "SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES OF HYPOPRESSIVE METHOD".
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