Dr. Susana Moral

Dr. Susana Moral
She is Professor of "Sports injuries", "Exercise Techniques" and "Nutrition" at the European University of Madrid (Spain).
He has several Degrees, in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, and Physical Education. She is also a Master Degree in Sport Nutrition and Supplementation (Nutritional Sciences, USA), and a PhD Student.
Dr. Moral is Author and Co-author of various publications (books and articles) related to physical activity, health and nutrition. She is member of the "Physiology and Indoor Cycling Research Team" (European University of Madrid, Spain), and the Research Team "Exercise & Nutritional Science" of the SDSU University - San Diego (California, USA).

Dr. Moral participated at the VI International Symposium of Strength Training with the presentation entitled "WOMEN TRAINING CONSIDERATIONS".
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