Abstracts Book

Many challenges present our society, and one of them and not a small one is the study of physiological differences between the sexes and the increase of Science dedicated to women. From our humble home we put our contribution to help in this important task and increase that knowledge in Sports Sciences.
This year we are lucky, because will begin the I NSCA National Conference where we will enjoy impressive presentations and will be updated with our colleagues from NSCA Spain. See you at the event, enjoy it.


Abstracts Book

It begins the second decade of life of this event, and it does it with a formidable health. This book includes the works presented to the scientific committee, as well as a summary of the conferences, lectures and round tables held in it. Although it is not enough to keep in our retinas and partial memories what happened, this book will help to remind our future generations of the work of constant updating that this event has. Enjoy the book and especially the symposium.


Abstracts Book

Ten years of symposium, a privilege for us to celebrate this small anniversary. This book contains a very special reminder with all the speakers who have passed through our classrooms. Anxious to get started and enjoy this long-awaited event, which marks the training calendar for many coaches and graduates. We hope you enjoy it.


Abstracts Book

After a new year full of satisfactions, the book of abstracts of the Symposium reminds us of everything that has happened and the experiences that have developed during it. It is time to evaluate what has happened and to begin the preparation of the following year. Thanks to all who have participated in different ways in it. The question that now fits is What do we do next year? The clock is set to 0 again, see you in December 2017.


Abstracts book

The Scientific and Organizing Committee of this event are pleased to offer the Book of Abstracts 2015 to the attendees to the VIII International Symposium in Strength Training. The high scientific level of the abstracts and invited speakers encourages us to work for the next Symposium. See you in December 2016.


Abstracts Book

The Scientific and Organizing Committee want to thank you for your participation in our Symposium and inform them of the upcoming release of the dates and information for the symposium in December 2015.

To go advancing and fulfill commitments, we attach summaries in Spanish and general Video of Symposium.

They can expand the information in the book of abstracts that were given at the Symposium or downloaded at the following link


Abstracts Book

They can expand the information in the book of abstracts that were given at the Symposium or downloaded at the following link

Conference 1

Quantifying the effect of energy balance interventions on human body weight dynamics
Cuantificación de las intervenciones en balance energético en las dinámicas de pérdida de peso
Kevin D. Hall

Conference 2

The real risk of high intensity interval training (HIIT) on cardiovascular disease events
Riesgos del entrenamiento interválico de alta intensidad (HIT).
Michael J. Joyner, M.D.