Dr. Francisco J. Vera-García

Francisco J. Vera-García

Dr. Vera-García is Associate Professor of the Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport, and the Master's Degree in Sports Performance and Health, at the Miguel Hernández University, in Elche (Spain).
He has a Degree and a PhD in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. He is a membre of BIOMEC (Biomechanics Research Group for Health and Sports Performance).
His line of research is focused on Biomechanics of the spine and conditioning of the trunk musculature for health and sports performance, Biomechanics of sports techniques and materials for improving performance and preventing injuries in athletes, and the Identification of risk factors related to the probability of suffering sports injuries.

Dr. Vera-García participate at the IX International Symposium of Strength Training with the presentation entitled "EVALUATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF TRUNK STABILITY".

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