Dr. Oliver Gonzalo Skok

Oliver Gonzalo Skok

Dr. Gonzalo-Skok is professor of theory, methodology, and planning of sports training at San Jorge University (Spain).
He has a Degree and a PhD in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the University of Lleida and Zaragoza respectively.
His line of research is focused on the optimization of physical performance in team sports. Its main objective is to analyze different training methodologies that help in the improvement of specific skills, minimize the risk of injury and reduce the effect of fatigue on performance.
He is the author of more than 10 articles indexed in the Journal of Citation Reports.
Actually, he is the Coordinator of the male physical area and physical conditioning of the Spanish Basketball Federation and CAI Zaragoza basketball team (both in children and adolescent categories). It also performs physical conditioning of professional soccer players.

Dr. Gonzalo-Skok participated at the X International Symposium of Strength Training with the presentation entitled "NEW PARADIGM IN NEUROMUSCULAR TRAINING OF FOOTBALL PLAYER".

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