Dr. Iñigo Mújica

Dr. Iñigo Mújica
Dr. Mujica is Associate Professor at the University of Basque Country and Responsible for Physiology and Training of the Euskaltel Euskadi Cyclist Professional Team. He is also a world expert in sports training.
He has a PhD in Muscle Exercise Biology (University of Saint-Etienne, France), and a PhD in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (University of the Basque Country).
One of his primary lines of research has been directed toward the sports training, where it has published more than 80 articles in international scientific journals, two books, thirteen chapters of book, and has been lecturer in more than 160 international congresses.

Dr. Mújica participate at the VII International Symposium of Strength Training with the presentation entitled "APPLICATION OF STRENGTH TRAINING TO ENDURANCE SPORTS".
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