Dr. Ana Belén Peinado Lozano

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Dr. Ana Belén Peinado Lozano
She has a Degree and a PhD in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).
Dr. Peinado-Lozano is Associate Professor in "Human Physiology", "Kinesiology" and "Nutrition, sports and assessment of physical condition" at the Faculty of Sport Sciences - INEF (Technical University of Madrid, Spain). She is actually the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Performance in that Faculty.
Dr. Peinado has made several postdoctoral stays at Mayo Clinic (USA), and she is the Principal Investigator of the R+D Project "IronFEMME". She belongs to the research group of the Physiology of Effort Laboratory (LFE) of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences - INEF (UPM). Her lines of research focuses on variations of iron metabolism after exercise depending on the hormonal levels of female athletes, and weight loss and the improvement of body composition through training and physical activity.

Dr. Peinado-Lozano participated at the III International Symposium of Strength Training with the presentation entitled "EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT EXERCISE PROGRAMS ON PHYSIOLOGICAL VARIABLES AND QUALITY OF LIFE".
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